Looking To Jesus: PART IV


This week’s conversation highlights a moment when Jesus decisively and boldly states His purpose. Jesus always walked and talked out of the purpose and mission the Father gave Him; we look to Him to understand our purpose and to learn how to live it out. Heather and Diana discuss how knowing our purpose and knowing our identity in Christ will greatly impact how we respond and interact with others, to the glory of God.

One thought on “Looking To Jesus: PART IV

  1. What stuck with me: Can you state your cause (a self-examination challenge packed with power); UNMERITED grace is exactly that . . . GRACE (anything merited is earned by works); answering questions with questions can help to force people to THINK (letting the Holy Spirit guide instead of spoon-feeding them my best shot of an answer); when our faith is challenged, respond with RESPECT, PATIENCE, and a HEARING EAR; ask yourself, “How does Jesus respond to different people in different situations” and bring PEACE and LOVE into the conversation; God set into motion salvation from the very beginning – AMEN (I’m starting to go over all the Jewish feasts/festivals in the Old Testament, which all pictured the salvation to come . . . Messiah); be IN the world but not OF the world; what would Jesus do with today’s technology (how we use that technology is another self-examination challenge packed with power). Stand firm, gals!

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