Hope&Light / BEFORE & AFTER

At the beginning of 2016, Heather and Diana invited their first guest onto The Freeway Podcast to explore the promises of Isaiah 30:18-22.  At that time, their guest was experiencing extreme pain and heartache, physically and spiritually; she couldn’t see light at the end of the tunnel.  But she wanted to begin a journey of trusting God – seeking His love, His light, His Word, and His truth.  She wanted restoration and believed Jesus could bring about healing; she just didn’t know how He would do it.

In this week’s podcast, Heather and Diana check in with their guest, close to a full year later, to see how God has worked and moved in her life.  They cannot wait for you to hear the incredible renewal and growth Jesus has brought to her life.  If you didn’t believe God could answer prayers and turn darkness to light before today, you will after you hear this testimony of Hope and Light!

Click below if you would like to hear the first podcast featuring our lovely guest –

One thought on “Hope&Light / BEFORE & AFTER

  1. My notes/paraphrasing from a marvelously rich podcast that should be turned into a song: Don’t be the only one getting fit in the gym (bring others with you to the gym); I was afraid to be alone, but Jesus isolated me from the wrong people I had been hanging onto . . . now when I’m alone, I’m meditating on His Word, getting closer; the wrong people had been my ropes, but with Jesus there’s another way out; I was eating myself up with my thoughts and in need of people . . . I thought, this is a faulty system that I have; everyday my flesh wants to feed my flesh . . . it’s a daily battle, so keep feeding the Spirit, diving into His Word; no day of rest from wearing the whole armor . . . Satan doesn’t sleep, but either does Jesus; my prayer for you had nothing to do with perfection – it had to do with your heart & healing . . . your heart has become whole; He’s leveling your emotions; He’s sustaining you; I didn’t understand it . . . this is all so true; the wrong people, addictions, etc. were falling off the boat . . . freedom from bondages; I know the right way to go when I’m derailing; letting myself be guided; trusting completely; I can trust my judgment more . . . His judgment; I’m excited to grow more; I heard, but I didn’t listen . . . now I’m listening and acting on it; He’s going to empower you the more you listen to His voice and you’re going to feel like more than a conqueror; the weight is no longer on me . . . I’m just looking up; I had to go through the low lows to get to the high highs; He’s made the night as bright as the day; want to have a praise party . . . God does it again; GOOD RIDDANCE to the old . . . I’m so proud of the new you!

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