Hope&Light / PART II

This week, Heather and Diana explore the implications and application of the words written by Paul in his letter to the Philippian church:  Shine as lights.  It’s a beautiful call to action – listen in!

One thought on “Hope&Light / PART II

  1. Paraphrased podcast remarks that impacted me and provided insight or food for thought: the great composers/musicians, such as Bach, wrote magnificent music because they were God worshippers (who are today’s comparable Bachs who worship God and, thus, write anointed music?); we must pray about our “art” (gifts); there is a war against pride that must be fought in the usage of our gifts; when living in darkness, Scripture “quoters” are annoying; Scripture “quoters” must be able to back up their quotes with their actions; like a loving human father, God’s heart for the lost might be depicted by the words expressed on the podcast, “I want better for you!”; grumbling is contagious (so can shining our Light be contagious); “mind numbing,” unfulfilling YouTubes that get so many hits contrasted with edifying usage of our time that serves to convict us so that the “dross” of our lives “falls away”; God didn’t have seven days of rest . . . nor should we; what better way to end our days than by knowing that we were lights that day.


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