Hope&Light / PART I

Happy New Year!  Heather and Diana are hoping you are entering this new journey of 2017 trusting God – who He is and who He has made you to be.

Are you entering this new year with hope or a heavy heart? Are you anticipating darkness ahead or are you looking forward to His light shining into and guiding your life?  As they dive into scripture in order to prepare their hearts and minds for 2017, Heather and Diana explore what it means to have hope and to be light.


One thought on “Hope&Light / PART I

  1. How well you verbally convey signs of conversion from darkness to light! If I were in darkness, your words about your former selves would serve to alarm me about my condition, which is a good thing; for the person who has recently come to the Light, your words about your changed selves and lifestyles would reassure me about my new salvation and the resultant changes going on in and around me. Also, thought the following is applicable to some of your comments: satan’s tactics are to get you to question the SPECIFICS of God’s commands, the CONSEQUENCES of our sin, and the MOTIVES of God (Genesis 3:1-5).

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