Fear of the Lord / PART IX

This week’s podcast continues to discuss and explore the fear of the Lord and how it is inextricably linked to following the Lord’s commandments.  Heather and Diana also discover the connection between fearing God, knowing God, and loving God.

One thought on “Fear of the Lord / PART IX

  1. Listened to this podcast with our grandchildren (10, 8, & 6 years old). They followed along in their Bibles. Of particular interest was the part about who wanted to kick Heather out of the house for her habitual rebelliousness: her father or her mother. It was fun to discuss our different spiritual gifts – some have the gift of mercy, for example, which might lend itself to a different approach than someone with the gift of, say, prophecy. The main point we came to is not who does what, which parent wanted to kick her out and which parent wanted to keep her at home, but that GOD IS FAITHFUL! Generally, I would think that parents do the best that they can … they may “fail” or “succeed” for the most part … but it is GOD WHO IS FAITHFUL. Thank goodness, GOD IS FAITHFUL! A praying parent walking with their God, making countless mistakes everyday, can rest in the fact that GOD IS FAITHFUL! Thank you for another rich podcast.

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