One thought on “Fear of the Lord / VI

  1. I am so thankful for your podcasts. Because of your ages, I am able to use the podcasts to evangelize to younger folks with whom I now have little in common. For example, I just offered The Freeway to a mother of two college-aged young adults who, though attending a Catholic university, appear to her to be drifting away into the world. When you stopped the podcasts for a short time, I was left without this tool that bridges the age gap with people like this mother and her young adult “children.” So, keep on keeping on!

    May I also add one more point? You referred to my being a fulltime at-home wife and mother while now being a “businesswoman.” Thank you for your humbling and inspiring comments. But I’ll let you in on a little secret . . . I oftentimes have difficulty hanging in there when it comes to business because I had a taste of true, passionate ministry and a “career” pales in significance when compared to that of being a “fulltime” wife and mother. It’s like going from flavorful lasagna to meatless, cheese-less lasagna or from rich New York cheesecake to low-fat cheesecake yogurt. The business world can seem so lackluster in comparison to a muddy dress that testifies to an exciting morning at the park or a huge bowl of ice cream with a side bag of Skittles at Friday’s family movie night that ushers in the promise of a fun family weekend. Certainly, a career can be and should be a ministry, but there’s no career where the stakes are as high as that of raising YOUR little humans. I believe it’s wise to pour yourself into the higher stake, limited-time calling of being Mom and not into the “career” that can easily replace you (much to the shock of most until it’s too late). So, I know it’s me who benefited the most from my “career-less” days as a “stay-at-home” wife and mother, especially when I encounter women in the business world who haven’t a clue what they’re missing out on as they chatter about work while their children are taking their first steps at the sitter’s. Just me, but,I say, make today’s decision from tomorrow’s deathbed where, in the silence, it’s harder to drown out the voice of God.

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