Welcome Back to THE FREEWAY

Dear Listeners,

This summer has been a season of change:  in our hearts, in our circumstances, and now of our podcast website.  Check out our latest podcast if you want to hear all about the heart-change and life-change – we have so much to tell you!  Our hiatus from the podcast has definitely not been in vain.  Regarding the website, we found that our first website needed an upgrade.  We wanted to make it easier to find, with an address that wasn’t so confusing.  Now you can keep it simple when you tell your friends, family, and coworkers about the podcast – all you have to say is “http://www.thefreewaypodcast.com” – no backlash anything.  Phew!  And we’ve streamlined the site so that it’s easier to navigate and the podcasts are easier to find without all that tireless scrolling.  We want to keep it focused.  (See what I did there?  Because #fearlessandfocused.  Okay, you get it.)

As of right now, you won’t find many of our past podcasts, but rest assured, they are coming soon…along with other very exciting news (God willing).

We hope you enjoy the new podcast and the new site.  And if you would like email reminders when we post the new podcast each week, just click on the “Share Your Thoughts” link and fill out the form.  Make sure to include your email and we will add you to our list.

We love you all very much and hope to encourage you on your adventure with Jesus!

Forever #fearlessandfocused,

Diana & Heather





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